About Us

WELCOME to the world of GPC-most probably the fastest growing Indian company, manufacturing and exporting hospital/medical/scientific/laboratory equipment, devices and instruments, outlined below:

Orthopaedic Implants/Instruments 
Anaesthesia Products 
Hospital Furniture
Stainless Steel Hospital Holloware and Sterilizers 
Baby Care Equipment
Microscopes & Projectors
Cold Chain Equipment
Examination Lights
Diagnostic Instruments 
Suction Units 
Plastic Holloware
Shadowless Lamps 
Surgical Rubber Goods 
Rehabilitation Products & Aids 
Lab Equipment 
Medical Disposables
Medical Waste Management
Medical Imaging Systems
Surgical Sutures
Surgical Needles 
UV Sterilizers
Weighing Balances

Our Mission

To be socially responsible and responsive so that we may serve the suffering humanity in the best possible way everywhere in the world.

Our Vision

• To keep the prices of our quality products at affordable levels for the end users.
• To continue planning, in advance, to raise the level of our services in future.
• To be innovative constantly.
• To win the confidence of our clients based on mutual trust & higher business ethics.

GPC Medical Limited, perhaps the fastest growing Indian company in its field, having its branches in Malaysia, Vietnam & Egypt, is a one stop source of over 1000 hospital/medical/scientific/laboratory equipment, devices and instruments. Having a glorious past, an excellent present, and an extremely brilliant future awaits the performance of GPC, working with which brings not only profit but pleasure also. The secret of this success story is not far to seek. The company has a unique blend of highly experienced personnel and young & dynamic professionals, specializing in their respective fields. They strive hard to ensure to supply quality products at low rates and within the mutually settled delivery schedule, paying due attention to the requirements of packaging and packing. In order to maintain a unique identify of GPC, we never try to compete with others, so nobody can compete with us.

Quality Policy

The GPC Quality Policy is summed up as follows: “The world expects results. Don’t tell others about the labour pains. Show them the baby!” Thus we, at GPC, do not brag about the quality of our products, but manufacture and sell practical and tested QUALITY MERCHANDISE. We never forget that “an ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises”. We, at GPC, always seek to achieve the standards, expected of the best organizations in the world. Thus following are some of the Quality Certificates, possessed by us:

1) CE
2) ISO 9001:2008
3) ISO 13485:2012
5) US FDA 510 (K)

We realize it fully well that “providing 99% satisfaction means 10000 dissatisfied customers out of a million transactions”. So, we try hard to achieve 100% satisfaction. Once the valued clients, worthy, wise, qualified and judicious executives/professionals touch and experience the GPC quality products, they come back to us continuously, and there is no looking back for them. Achieving excellence of quality of our products for us is an unending path, without a final destination.

Why Us?

GPC is an organization, working in a most transparent way. Our valued customers often visit our facilities to see for themselves the entire production process from the raw material to the finished products. We do not promise the moon if we cannot deliver it. As a result, we have a large number of customers in many different countries worldwide. There is hardly a country where the GPC products have not found their way, either direct or through re-export. Many importers, particularly in a few European countries, import the GPC products, and re-export them to other countries. We regularly win some of the major projects in different countries against the MOH/MOD/UN Tenders, etc. etc. GPC is big enough to meet very big requirements and small enough to meet very small requirements. In fact, meeting the customized, individual and varied requirements is a source of pleasure for our dedicated workers. We never forget that we exist for our customers, and our existence depends fully upon them. Thus retaining relationships with the customers, through our services, continues to be an ongoing exercise for us. It is in this light that in addition to participating in many international trade fairs in different countries regularly, our executives often visit our valued patrons for personal interaction. In fact, we try our best to provide our customers the services which they cannot get anywhere else. Our customers very often forget how fast we did a job, but they never forget how well it was done. Most of our customers, with us, believe that GPC IS THE BEST, ALL ARE NEXT.